A Pastor’s Perspective

A Pastor’s Perspective is a group of teaching talks on various difficult and challenging topics. The perspective is “a” pastor’s, not every pastor’s. They are designed to help us dialogue and together dive into some deep waters of the challenging topics of our day, giving space and grace to one another in the process.

What About Homosexuals?

Step Up and Be the Church! (Notes)

Is America A Christian Nation?

The History (Notes)

Christianity And American Nationalism

It’s Idolatry and It’s Dangerous (Notes)

A Woman’s Place Is In the Church – Part 1

The Role of Women in the Bible (Notes)

A Woman’s Place Is In the Church – Part 2

The Hard Texts (Notes)


Is God Okay With That? (Notes)

The Sermon On The Mount

Wishful Thinking or Kingdom Living? (Notes)

Guns And The Military

Christians and Violence (Notes)

The Hottest Topic!

Hell and Who Is Going There (Notes)

Genocide In The OT

Did He Really Wipe Out Whole People Groups? (Notes)

What About The Age Of The Earth?

Is Seven Days The Only Way? (Notes)


Fake Intimacy That Destroys Our Souls (Notes)

Science And God

Has Science Buried God? (Notes)