Next Gen


Age birth – 4 years old

In the Next Generation Early Childhood Ministry we believe that young children learn best when taught in a developmentally appropriate way. We teach them that they are loved by God and are a part of His family. We group children by age, realizing that sometimes an exception may be needed. We believe that keeping groups of children together throughout the year allows for a sense of security and community.

Early Childhood
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Grades K – 6

During the 9:00 am service, kindergarten through 6th grade students are studying how people respond to God through Worship. Kindergarten children have a play time, lesson, worship, and Bible study time. Younger children have a craft time, song time, prayer time, and Bible study time. Older children have a craft time, worship time, and Bible study time.

During the 10:40 am service the kindergarten through 6th grade students all come together as a community of learners to experience God through studying His Word, listening to God, singing songs, and working on a memory verse.

Next Generation Kids students are encouraged to attend a study that meets on Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

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Grades 7 – 12

At Highline Christian Church, we provide a Godly, safe, attractive, fun and growing environment for all middle & high school students, guiding students through opportunities to discover who God is, their purpose, their gifts, their talents and abilities to bring God glory. Our role is to help, encourage, train, mentor, direct, challenge, care, guide, listen and love each student as we walk through life together.

Next Generation Youth students are encouraged to attend the 9:00 Sunday morning Bible Study, then go to the 10:40 Worship service. The Next Generation Youth group meets on Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

next gen youth
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Ages 18 – 28

We seek to provide a welcoming, attractive and growing environment for Young Adults ages 18 to 28, walking along side them as they journey through life. Our goal is to love them well, grow together, walk with God, learn His word, maturing in our faith journey by pursuing the vision and call that God has on our lives together.

The Next Gen Young Adults group meets on Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

young adult worship